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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

JAMAICAN TWIST - "Can I have sum Ting"

So, at the risk of sounding like I am gaining monetarily from continuing to talk about  this......... I used again, and we tried some Jamaican food this time.

I had always meant to try the Jamaican restaurant on main street, but other than running in several times to grab some "Ting", one of my favorite carbonated beverages in possibly the whole world, I hadn't done so.

When I noticed that they were listed as a location on the website, I bought a certificate. I also purchased the one for The Cubi-Thai Restaurant (mentioned previously), The Cazbah location in Greer, and for Thai Sky in Greenville. The certificates are good for a year from date of purchase and with them being only $2, my only regret is that I didn't purchase more.

We headed downtown on a rainy Thursday night with plans to enjoy dinner with my best friend and his Fiance.
The place is small, with just a few tables. And the reggae music from the islands we would have expected to hear coming out of the speakers was instead replaced by 90's "baby makin' music". That's what I called the slow jam hip hop from my youth. It was keeping us entertained with the constant "oh my gosh..... do you remember THIS song?"
We ordered a Jamaican Beef Patty and split it as an appetizer, and ordered the Jerk Chicken meal for me and the Curry Pork meal for him. Our friends ordered the Curry Seafood dish and the Jerk Chicken.
The food is served with a generous portion of beans and rice & what was listed as mixed vegetables.
We all agreed, the food was delicious maaan! What was listed as mixed vegetables was a pile of boiled cabbage and carrots on our plates. I didn't think I liked cooked cabbage with the exception of my obsession of egg rolls....... I DO! It was really a lot better than I thought cooked cabbage would be. We all sat there digesting our food and drinking Red Strip & Ting and enjoying each others company. It was a lovely time had by all , at this unassuming little Jamaican restaurant that I had always meant to eat at..... and now I had.

28 South Main Street
Greenville, SC  29601
(864) 298-0013 phone
menu |   map

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