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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Birth of a Blog

After having a series of unfortunate experiences at local (well established) eateries, I wondered....... "Why the heck are these places still in business?" Is it because people don't know any better or are they afraid to patronize locally owned "mom & pop" type restaurants? So often I've seen awesome smaller restaurants fold, when stink hole chain restaurants flourish. I refuse to believe that people are so ignorant to what good food should taste like, that they wouldn't eat out better, if they had a bit of friendly help
This blog was inspired by the mediocre food and horrible service at three seperate visits to Chief's Wings & Firewater (Greenville) and a visit to Mellow Mushroom (Greenville) that, well lets just say that I didn't notice monster sized dust bunnies listed as a pizza topping on the menu.
Needless to say, my first bit of advice on this blog will be to tell my readers to AVOID these two restaurants at all cost. If it's pizza your craving downtown, then visit Bertolo's at the opposite end of Downtown Greenville. Wings are what you want? Then just about anywhere that serves them, would be better in my opinion then Chief's.

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