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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MELLOW MUSHROOM - (posted on Metromix)

Metromix - Greenville has posted that Mellow Mushroom is the best Pizza in Greenville! Seriously people? I am so disappointed. 
I posted this in disgust on the Metromix website.

While being treated to lunch by our CEO, we were horrified to see the air vent above us kick on and blow what can only be described as "a blizzard of dust bunnies" onto our food. The mediocre food that had already taken far to long to arrive at our table was now further ruined. This not affected our table but several around us. We called over the waiter and he just shrugged it off, saying that the air vents had just been cleaned. He said they would just clean it all up, AFTER WE LEFT. Somehow this young man miss-understood that our concern was now that the food we had FINALLY been served,  had just been topped by visible chucks of dust.  We requested that the hostess go locate the manager and ask him to come to our table. Well someone..... I doubt he was the manager..... came over, and gave us the same "care less" response about the air vents. Never was an offer of new food, or any compensation made. We begrudgingly sat there and ate our food, no one wanting to make a further complaint, seeing as how this was a business lunch. I don't know how much the bill came to, or if our CEO even paid it all, because if it had been me.... I wouldn't have.  I'm not sure what the attraction is to this establishment. Is it because I am from NY and know what good pizza tastes like? Is it the "I just smoked a fatty" atmosphere? I just don't understand.
My Pick for BEST PIZZA in Greenville is Pizza City on N. Pleasantburg. PIZZA CITY

1 comment:

Nate said...

seriously, the one in asheville is better. I swear to you.