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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Most Awesomest Web Site EVER!!!! Trust Me!

Okay, So admittedly I have been slack about keeping up with this blog. For that I am truly sorry. BUT - I think I have a renewed excitement about my mission. And I have a website to thank for it. Don't ask me how I stumbled onto it, because I can't remember (ok maybe I do...) - BUT boy am I glad that my web-surfing brought me to the web address belonging to RESTAURANT.COM. Seems unassuming enough, right? I know what you are thinking ........... " Seriously?" OH MY GOODNESS, YES! Seriously! If memory serves me correctly (Cause we're talking way back , a whole 4 months ago......) I was doing some research on local eateries in Savannah Georgia, for an upcoming trip, when I found the website. It offered Gift certificates to local restaurants at a discount. Most often the deal works this way.... You purchase a gift certificate with a face value of $25, for $10. With the stipulation that you spend at least $50, with a gratuity of 18% added to the total of the check. (Restrictions vary for each restaurant)

I found a certificate offered for a restaurant that occupies a famously haunted building that I had already wanted to try, so I purchased it!
Let me tell you we ate like royalty that night! We shared the
Down South Chicken Salad -

Chunky homemade chicken salad with pecans, grapes and mayo with a hint of curry. Served on toast with a cup of soup or your choice of side dish. (we got onion rings) $7
as an appetizer and then we both got entrees , I got the
Moon Burger

An 8-oz., grilled, certified Angus beef burger cooked just the way you like it.
served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and
a pickle on the side. All are served with your choice of side dish.
Add any of the following to any sandwich for 50¢:
Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss, Jack, American, bacon, ham, grilled onions,
grilled mushrooms or roasted red peppers. Add barbecue sauce for free!
(I added the cheddar & grilled onions) $6 (plus $1 for the toppings)  

He got
Filet Mignon (6-oz.)
Juicy, tender, USDA-choice hand cut filet wrapped in apple-smoked bacon and grilled to your preference. ll entrees served with vegetable du jour and a choice of one side dish. (Add a side salad for $1.49.) $19.99

We both chose the Veggie of the day - potatoes AuGratin with smoked Gouda. These were without a doubt the most delicious potatoes I had eaten in a long while. Each bite we took was better than the next , and we were both stuffed to the gills, but risked making ourselves sick not wanting to leave a single bit on our plates.
I am sad to report that not one single apparition, un-explaned flying dish or otherworldly event of any sort was witnessed. That was our only disapointment at this meal.

Moon River Brewing Company
21 W. Bay St.
Savannah, Ga 31401
Phone: 912.447.0943


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