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Friday, November 6, 2009

Mojito's - My Liquid Lunch

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My co-worker and I decided we were going to lunch today. She said she wanted pizza, and you'll never guess where she wanted to go....... GASP - Mellow Mushroom. The CEO of our company laughed and said, she's not going there..... haven't you read her Blog (and she had). On our drive down main street, we passed a new little restaurant that I had been wanting to try, Mojito's. I told her to turn the car around, I knew where to go to lunch. Upon entering the small cafe, the smells of my childhood came rushing back to me. Ahhhhh the smell of olive oil, garlic and black beans. As I was exclaiming how great it smelled, she was turning up her nose and disputing that. We sat ourselves (as the sign suggested), and were then greeted by our waitress. She told us about the specials which, it being Friday, were their Signature Cuban sandwich ($7.95), and the daily special of Ropa Vieja ($6.95). For those of you who didn't grow up with the privilege of having a mother who prepared this....... It is shredded beef slow cooked in a tomato based sauce with peppers, onions and green olives. Once the waitress offered that, there was no decision to be made. My co-worker hesitantly choose the same (much to my hesitation too). Now dispite the title - we skipped the yummy looking Mojitos ($7.00/$8.00) on this trip, it being our lunch break and all. The Ropa Vieja was served with a scoop of white rice, bowl of black bean soup and two platanos (Sweet plantains). It was great, even my co-worker liked her lunch. Now I would have said that lunch was awesome, BUT...... no one cooks as good as mama.

I am eager to go back at night, to enjoy that Mojito and dance to some salsa music, because it seems that the cafe turns into a hoppin night spot once the sun goes down.

816 Main Street - Greenville

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