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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cantinflas Gourmet Mexican & Vegetarian Restaurant - Closer to authentic than people think!

Before I begin with my review of this establishment....Let me just say......

In doing a bit of research before composing my  review, I checked out what was posted on other sites about this restaurant. 

"Jmapple A.'s " had this To say on a site -   "Very friendly service, but I have gone several times & always been disappointed with the Mexican food.  Maybe I just haven't ordered the right stuff from their menu, but I much prefer to go to Corona's for authentic Mexican at a cheaper price."


The food at local "order by number" Restaurants, IS NOT AUTHENTIC Mexican cuisine! You know the places I mean.... "I'll have the #4 combo with beans and rice". It saddens me to read a post like this where place like Corona (Monterrey's, Mr. Salsa....) are given the title of authentic. Do you think this is what they eat in Mexico? NO. Now do not get me wrong, I do so enjoy a plate of Flauta's at any of these restaurants, but authentic...... it's just not the case. Wheew, okay.... so on to the business at hand.


 His parents were in town, and we wanted to go downtown and enjoy a meal. We got a later start than anticipated, due to some trouble with the printer...... Okay so I'll admit, Cantinflas was not our original choice. We were going to go to the Dwntwn Location of The Cazbah (I bet you already know where I am going with this...) THAT'S RIGHT! I'm not ashamed! We went to and bought a gift certificate for The Cazbah..... So? Only, it took so long to get the printer to work, and get everyone rounded up and in the car, then to find a parking spot, and walk the 2 blocks back to McBee Street..... That by the time we arrived at the small restaurant, the only help that the hostess offered us upon finally returning to her post at the front door was, a shrug of the shoulders and "It doesn't look like any one is leaving soon". So, We Did.

We walked up Main Street, and decided to go in to Cantinflas. I think it would be safe to say that this is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants locally. I seem to always wind up there for special occasions, with out of town guests.... and even to enjoy a weekend lunch & Margarita. Oh and do they have the yummiest Margaritas! We sat down and were immediately attended to.    I chose the Enchiladas con Mole, and I can't remember what everyone else at the table ordered, but they were all very happy with what they ate. The only complaint about the restaurant is that (through no fault of their own) they don't allow you to enjoy a margarita if you are dining at one of the sidewalk tables. Maybe someday Greenville won't be run by the likes of Bob Jonesites, and then I will be able to enjoy that margarita on the sidewalk..... 

Well, well this post has been quite snarky now hasn't it? I have dinged just about everyone huh?

120 N Main St
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 250-1300

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